FSN Acupuncture Wellness Studio

We treat the pain that no one will.

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FSN Acupuncture Wellness Studio

We are an interdisciplinary team of experienced health care practitioners.


We offer you whole body relief from pain and illness with a broad range of treatment options including :

- Chinese Medicine :

Floating Needle, Scalp Needle, Traditional Needle, Non Insertion Needle, Moxibustion, Fire Treatment, Chinese Massage, Cupping and Extraction, Micro Herb Remedy, Acugraph, Resonance

- Japanese Acupuncture

- Myofascial Realignment

- Craniosacral Therapy

- Applied Kinesiology

- Manual Therapy

- Traditional Japanese Reiki Therapy

We will listen to your health concerns and design a personal treatment plan with you.

FSN Acupuncture Wellness Studio
  • A C U P U N C T U R E 

    • $85 / 60 mins   OR   $100 / 90 mins

  • M Y O F A S C I A L   R E A L I G N M E N T

    • $105 / 60 mins

  • C R A N I O S A C R A L   T H E R A P Y​​

    • $120 / 90 mins

  • J A P A N E S E   R E I K I   T H E R A P Y

    • $85 / 60 mins   OR   $100 / 90 mins



FSN Acupuncture Wellness Studio

5621 Goring Street

Burnaby BC Canada


One block south of Holdom Skytrain Station

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Monday - Sunday

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